There is time limited (two hour) parking on the High Street.

Aldeburgh can be busy, but if you're lucky you can park in front of the building to load / unload.

Unlimited parking is available on The Terrace. This is parallel to the High Street and above Mariner's Loft. There is access to Mariner's from The Terrace.

We can't leave refuse bags on the pavement outside the shops or on The Terrace for collection because of the seagulls. We are unable to leave a wheelie bin or similar on the top terrace as we only have right of way access from either the rear or the front of the property and no rights to use the terraces.

An assessor visited the property and judged that they couldn't collect by going through the internal corridor to the back where the refuse bins are as this would be too time consuming for them and they'd run the risk of damaging the walls.

Sadly not. Mariner's Loft comprises the first and second floor of the building. The bathroom is on the first floor and the bedrooms are on the second floor.
We have thought long and hard about this. The bathroom is lovely as it is, and so we have decided to leave it as it is. There is a shower attachment on the bath but no walk-in (or shower curtain).

There are secure bike racks outside Baggotts the newsagents, which is opposite and visible from the flat.

Unfortunately we do not have any bicycle storage at Mariner's Loft. The main corridor is a fire escape route and we have no rights to the external spaces other than as access routes. We wouldn't be happy for the bike to be stored in Mariner's Loft because of potential damage.

The Moot Hall